2019 Example Fees:

Teeth CleaningFrom $57 (15 min) to $220 (60min)

One: $28

Two: $34 

Three: $42

Four: $47

Panoramic: $65

From $45 (minimum) to $130 (maximum)

White Fillings: $156-$368

Metal Fillings:  $156-$368


Simple: $104

Complicated: $247

Impacted Wisdom Tooth: $245-$528

$769 Dentist Fee + Lab Fee (~$260 - $300)
Root Canal

Front Tooth: $511

Premolar Tooth: $639

Molar Tooth: $857-988

$3438.12 ( Surgery + Crown Included)
Take Home Day Time Bleaching
$140 (Upper and Lowers Archers)
$3500-$6000 (Complexity Dependent)

Fee Guide

At Summerville dental office, we believe that a fair fee is one of the key factors in building a lasting and healthy doctor-patient relationship. The current Suggested Fee Guide for General Practitioners from Ontario Dental Association (ODA) is strictly followed in our clinic to determine the maximum ceiling amount of charges for a particular service. Although we do offer treatments for students, seniors, and those without insurance at a discounted price. This fee guide is updated annually by the ODA and accepted as the payment standard by all dental insurance companies. The following are a few of the procedures and the prices listed in the 2019 ODA fee guide. 

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